A Conversation with Madisyn Travis: Fulfilling the LSA Language Requirement in Buenos Aires, Argentina | U-M LSA Center for Global and Intercultural Study (2024)

JM:That's great to hear. I'm glad that you felt safe in that aspect, because I know that's always a concern for students.What do you think you'll remember the most about your experience abroad in 20 years?

MT:Something that I think I'll never forget in 20 years, 30 years, or 40 years is just the people that I met. The people that I met are so passionate about learning Spanish. Like, we still talk after the program about what we're doing. And I'm even taking Spanish 277 with some of them. We did so many activities together. The activities that were put together for us really allowed us to connect with each other and build trust, just as a community.

They were really nice and welcoming, and we all got along together really well over the duration of the trip. Those friendships that I made will be ones that I hold close to my heart forever.

JM:It's great to hear that you enjoyed the cultural activities that were organized by our provider on-site. Did you receive any scholarships or funding for the program?

MT:Yes, I did receive funding. I got a grant from financial aid. For any student who's looking to receive funding, just make sure to be on time with turning in your forms and checking up on the emails that your CGIS Advisor sends because they're always so informative.

I also received the CSP opportunity grant. If you are in the Comprehensive Studies Program, you look out for that. There's a lot of money that doesn't get used because people don't know about the opportunities that are available. But I say, reach out to your CGIS Advisor if you do have a question about it, because they're really helpful and will let you know of the opportunities that are available through CGIS as well as LSA.

JM:I'm glad that the resources provided by CGIS were helpful. Is there anything else that you like to share about your experience?

MT:Okay, so starting from the beginning, my experience with my host mom was amazing. I did not share the living space with any other students. I did have a private room upstairs, and I did have my own bathroom. My host mom was always so happy. In the morning, she talked to me about how my morning was, asked if I slept well--she always made sure I was good. I never felt so welcomed into someone's home. She was just really open and enthusiastic to have me and assist me in any way that I needed.

As far as food, I do agree that Argentinian cuisine is kind of meat heavy, but they do have other options for vegetarians.My host mom was pretty good with making a variety. She was very accommodating to my taste--I let her know beforehand what I do like and what I don't like, and she was able to accommodate me basically for everything that I needed.

JM:Being abroad, even if it's just for 6 weeks, can be challenging. Is there anything that you'd like to mention in that regard?

MT:Being away from home. Argentina is so far away. I was really excited because this was my first time being by myself. It's just really hard if you haven't had any experiences where you're by yourself, especially just living in a new space in a city that you don't really know. It takes time to adjust, but with time it gets better.

I had a hard time realizing that at first. I would call my mom every day. I'm like: Mom, I’m so ready to go home--like, nothing bad even happened--I just felt like I was ripped away from home. But it turned out really amazing. And I'm really glad that I spent my time in Argentina for 6 weeks. It was great. I've never had an experience like it, and I really want to pursue other experiences like it in the future.

JM:Thank you so much for sharing that I know that there's definitely a lot of challenges about being abroad. far from the family. But you were able to realize that it is definitely a very rewarding, wonderful experience that you will remember forever.

A Conversation with Madisyn Travis: Fulfilling the LSA Language Requirement in Buenos Aires, Argentina  | U-M LSA Center for Global and Intercultural Study (2024)
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